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The Debate Around Controlling Pests In Our Gardens

(NC)-An important hobby for many Canadians, and one that is increasing in popularity is gardening. “I have a firm belief that the gardening industry is getting bigger,” says Mark Cullen, President of Weall and Cullen Garden Centres. Mark is well known across the country for his gardening expertise and from his syndicated radio show and …

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25 Tips and Tricks for an Organized Move

Worried because you’re moving soon? This really doesn’t have to be a stressful, chaotic time. Here are some tips to help you achieve a successful, organized move. 1. USE A MOVING CHECKLIST. Make yourself a moving checklist outlining everything that needs to be done before, and after, your move. 2. LEAVE IT BEHIND. Avoid moving …

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Washing Window Tricks

Have you ever wondered how those professional window washers move so fast with the squeegee, and the windows turn out perfect? Well, there really are some tricks to it that are simple to learn, and once you do, dare I say it, you may even enjoy washing windows. It is possible! The first trick is …

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Funky, Fun Garden Plants

I have a love for funky, fun and unique garden plants. Here’s one to try. It’s called Sea Holly, and it’s actually in the thistle family. Sea Holly is a perennial garden plant, which means you plant it once and it comes up year after year, somewhat depending on your climate. This plant never did …

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Tips For A Pleasant Smelling Home

If you’re anything like me and the scent of something pleasant can instantly lift your mood, then a house that is pleasant smelling will be a constant lift-booster. Here are some ways to do it. 1. As far as possible, keep unpleasant smells away from the house or at least away from the main living …

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