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Government Agencies and Policies

When choosing an auto shipper, be sure to check and see if the company is licensed and bonded. Vehicle transport companies are licensed and regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Ask for and check the DOT license number. There exists an enormous amount of confusion over the role of the Interstate commerce Commission …

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Finding and Selecting Vendors

You can find vehicle transport companies advertised in many different places such as your local papers, phone book and of course the internet. CarMovers.com is committed to working with industry professionals only and if you are in need a vehicle transport company and required unmatched service, simply submit a request for quote on this site. …

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Auto Transport Guide – FAQ

How much will it cost to ship my vehicle? The answer to this question is ‘it depends’. You will first need to contact several car transport companies and request quotes. Be prepared to answer several questions. Here’s a samples list of questions. What city will you be traveling from and where is your final destination? …

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