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Learn how to pack

It is common knowledge that most people do not enjoy packing, particularly if the house being packed up is large. Nobody however likes ones household goods to be damaged on route due to poor packing. It is critical to the success of the move that the contents of your home be packed correctly and protected …

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Extraordinary value items

All items in your shipment, which are considered to be of extraordinary value, must be identified. You must advice your van line agent in writing that they are in your shipment. These items are defined as items having a value greater than $ 100.00 per pound per article. For example: Antiques Crystal Precious Stones or …

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Items not to pack

Read this section before doing your own packing and loading. It is important that you understand which items you can and cannot ship. There are rules and regulations that govern all movers to help ensure safety. There are also items you should not pack yourself, for example you may need professionals to pack up your …

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Type of boxes used for packing

Packing Materials¬† It is essential to use the right type of packing material when packing up your household goods to help prevent damage. This guide is designed to help you to choose the right material by showing you what is available. There are many different size boxes suitable for different items and there is a …

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