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1 Week before move

Moving Guide and Tips

Make sure to separate out which items you’ll take with you and which items the movers will take. Items you may wish to take with you could be jewelry and important documentation.

Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything in the house including minor repairs

Mark the boxes to be shipped with the words, “Fragile”, “Do Not Load” and “Load Last” stickers.

Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator, freezer and clean your stove all at least 24 hours before moving to let them air out. Try using baking soda to get rid of any odors. You can also leave a container of baking soda in the refrigerator.

Mow your lawn one last time before you move.

Prepare items you will need while your goods are in transit. Pack your suitcases and confirm travel arrangements for you and your family. Try to keep plans as flexible as possible in the event of unexpected delays or schedule changes.

Make sure your agent knows the address and phone number of your new home. You should also provide an address and phone number of where you can be reached until you will get to your new home.

Arrange for payment to the mover agent. Contact your mover agent to inquire about methods of payment accepted. Generally this will be cash on delivery (COD).

Verify with your mover agent the insurance you have chosen.

Pick up any dry cleaning and laundry.

Settle any outstanding bills with local merchants.

Return videos and library books.

Prepare your ‘first night back’ and ‘ready box’. Your first night box should contain the clothing and toiletries you will need for the first night in your new home. See ‘first night bag guide’.

Disconnect and clean any appliances that will be moving with you and those that will remain.

Gather keys, alarm codes, garage door openers and be prepared to hand over to the new owner or real estate agent.

If your old home will be unoccupied for a period of time after you move, notify the police.