Windows Last Decor Priority When Canadians Move

Windows Last Decor Priority When Canadians Move

By News Canada

(NC)-Selecting window dressings is usually the last thing on many new homeowners to do lists once they move into their homes. Other, “more important” decor priorities are dealt with first while blankets and sheets usually suffice to achieve a semblance of privacy for the first few weeks. It doesn’t have to be this way.

“Blinds and shades tend to be the type of thing that people forget about. It’s the last thing people buy when decorating their home, but they end up being the most important,” says Yasmin Siboldi, Manager, Visual Merchandising at Blinds To Go, who believes window decor choices can be the first step in establishing the primary look of a decor. “People don’t realize how window treatments can totally change the look of their home.”

According to Siboldi, the current styles and trends in window treatments have evolved to such an extent that they can now be part of the primary decor of homes offering both fashionable and functional properties.

Today’s blinds and shades offer a clean tailored look while softening and diffusing light. They are now made with a wide variety of new fabrics and are available in fashionable colors and patterns.

Horizontal blinds made out of wood, metallic fabric roller shades, embossed vinyl vertical blinds, pleated, cellular and Roman shades, as well as elegant sheer shades highlight a fashionable wave of products that are accenting decors across the country. The major problem people now have is deciding between so many new window treatment options.

“Captivated is the reaction people have when walking around in our superstores,” said Siboldi. “There is so much selection displayed it’s breathtaking.”

Here are a few examples:

  • Wood blinds: one of the most popular choices for today’s decor as they can match any style and feature excellent insulation and privacy functions.
  • Metallic finish roller shades: streamlined and lightweight in design, they are tightly woven, and as such, cut sunlight, maintain privacy and provide insulation. They are an excellent room-darkening option for the bedroom and well suited for the minimalist decors in vogue today.
  • Cellular and pleated shades: they give people the “simple soft look they’re looking for in their decors while also providing important energy efficient insulating properties,” added Siboldi.

Once you select your new blinds and shades you will see your decor take shape before your eyes in a matter of days. Unlike typical window covering boutiques, Blinds To Go is both a manufacturer and retailer so you can select from an unparalleled selection of products at the lowest factory-direct prices and your custom-made blinds can be ready to install as quickly as 48 hours.

So take down your blankets and sheets and start your look off on the right track with window dressings.

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